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In Berlin, we have been providing assistance to our clients since 1993. For some of them we have been the trusted and reliable partner on the spot for years—this is the basis of long-term business relations. We have successfully completed transactions in a constantly changing market for many years now in cooperation with our approved partners.

Managing Director Holger Michaelis has been active as a market expert in Berlin since 1993. Our Investment Team was further strengthened by Ulrich Denk, who joined the company in 2012, bringing with him ten years of experience as a market expert in the field of research.

Our Berlin branch is supported by the investment consultants at our Hamburg headquarters.

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Investment office top 7, Q1-2, 2021 Market survey
Market survey
Investment office top 7, Q1-2, 2021
new buildings Berlin
Our team for newly-built properties support developers in the marketing and help interested parties in finding accommodation.