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For sellers of investment properties

We assist you with a comprehensive range of services and strategies

Selling property involves great sums of money and possibly a suitable investment strategy. Successful selling of investment property requires profitable partnerships. So rely on a partner that has mastered the entire spectrum of services and demonstrates success again and again.

Invest in our experience

Trust is key to investments. When it comes to property advice, commercial sellers can benefit from our many years of experience, our profound market knowledge and our comprehensive range of services.

In addition to customised advisory services, we offer sellers sound, forward-looking property valuations. We also have wide-ranging experience in all types of asset: office buildings, retail property of every kind, hotels, care-home and healthcare facilities, and warehouses and logistics buildings.

Our property advisers can communicate as effectively with institutional investors as they can with private investors or owners with little experience to date of buying and selling property.

Our services for sellers at a glance:
  • perform a fair market valuation of your property
  • investigate strategies for creating value and options for third-party usage
  • analyse your entire portfolio throughout Germany to identify potential for improvement
  • advise corporate clients with regard to profitability: sale and leaseback vs. property as a business asset
  • help you gather the relevant sales documents
  • provide support in setting up data spaces
  • market your property with high-quality brochures and modern presentation techniques
All these services are available to you locally and nationally.

If you have questions or you cannot find the service you require, please give us a call.
We look forward to talking to you.

Team: Investment

Team: Investment
For current investment offerings, as well as questions and suggestions, we will be happy to help.
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Investment Team Berlin
For current investment offerings, as well as questions and suggestions, we will be happy to help.
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  • We perform potential analyses and prognoses for various submarkets
  • We analyse opportunities with regard to sustainability, sales and appreciation

  • analyse possible uses with opportunities for improvement and possible variations
  • conduct a SWOT analysis
  • work with service providers to conduct a specialist assessment of the building’s structure
  • assess the property with regard to neighbouring buildings and the rights of third parties
  • procure and evaluate official documents (e.g. land register, cadastre excerpt, development plan, construction records)
  • evaluate and prepare documents
  • provide advice and support on promotional measures, e.g. in optimising leases before sale
  • identify the market value with respect to various parameters (cash flow, anticipated return, construction costs, undeveloped land, etc.)
  • make suggestions for improvement
  • analyse profitability
  • create an extensive dossier on the property

  • develop sustainable proposals for developing residential units or sites or for re-using existing properties
  • assess profitability
  • analyse demand in the desired location, comparing space, size and features
  • attend and lead negotiations with architects, authorities, building contractors and financial service providers
  • assist you with letting or selling the completed property
  • analyse your existing property portfolio and provide recommendations on developing or restructuring it
  • present properties suitable for acquisition
  • sell individual properties or parts of portfolios that are not to be retained
  • may enlist our Lettings team to coordinate lettings of vacant spaces

  • support you during contract negotiations with the buyer
  • coordinate external experts involved (tax consultants, auditors, lawyers, notaries, asset managers, etc.)

  • view properties, possibly also enlisting architects or building experts
  • evaluate properties
  • procure and prepare sales documents
  • develop marketing strategies
  • select appropriate prospective buyers from our portfolio of potential customers, which has been developed over the years and is constantly updated
  • use up-to-date presentation techniques to personally present properties to potential buyers
  • consult with you regarding appropriate marketing measures (Internet, print advertising, etc.)
  • report regularly in writing (and in an audit-proof manner) on sales activities
  • conduct viewings and coordinate viewing appointments with buyers’ service providers
  • take part in negotiations and guide you through the due diligence process right up until the purchase agreement is concluded
  • take part in notary appointments as an advisor and broker
  • structure and perform bidding processes, if required

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