5 years of German Property Partners

Network of like-minded real estate brokers draws even closer together

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In 2018 German Property Partners passed another milestone. The network marked its fifth anniversary this autumn.
Quite apart from its age, five is a key number for GPP. Since it was founded in 2013 the network of leading local providers of commercial property services has grown from three to five partners. Membership now consists of Grossmann & Berger, Anteon Immobilien, GREIF & CONTZEN Immobilien, blackolive and E & G Real Estate.
Network of like-minded firms
Reflecting on the fifth anniversary, the members stress that the relationship is one of mutual respect. “Ongoing exchange has created a genuine sense of belonging together,” is how GPP spokesperson and managing partner of Anteon Immobilien, Guido Nabben, describes it. “We can be confident that all the other partners share the same philosophy,” adds Oliver Schön, managing director of blackolive. Björn Holzwarth, managing partner of E & G Real Estate and GPP spokesperson from 2015 to 2017, remarks that, “Over the past five years, the public face of German Property Partners has been that of one enterprise.”
Added value for customers
Presenting a united front and working with like-minded people is an enormous advantage for GPP members. “Not only do we profit from pooling our know-how and skill sets, but, more importantly, the customers benefit too,” Nabben continues. One such customer is Clariant Deutschland, who turned to German Property Partners in Munich for services in connection with a commercial property transaction and the renting of some 5,400 m² of office space. Another customer is the insurance concern Axa, whose nation-wide service contract with GPP involved transactions worth some €80m.
National and international presence
Theodor J. Greif, managing partner of GREIF & CONTZEN Immobilien, points to a further aspect: “When collaborating with German Property Partners our customers have recourse to our domestic and international connections.” GPP bundled these in the 1st quarter of 2018 in the form of cooperation arrangements with real estate specialists Carter Jonas from Great Britain and Van Gool Elburg from the Netherlands. That was the first milestone of the year. Just like the GPP partners, Carter Jonas and Van Gool Elburg are owner-managed, independent local heroes in their home markets. These two firms enable GPP to internationalize its network of like-minded real estate brokers and property consultants.
Eyes firmly fixed on the next 5 years
The GPP partners toasted their fifth anniversary at the Expo Real trade fair in Munich. And then, without further ado, got straight back to the task of concentrating on clients and their concerns. However, the network is clear about where it wants to be in five years. “We want to deepen our partnership. We have resolved to develop German Property Partners in such a way that the network can compete with international real estate groups,” says Andreas Rehberg, spokesperson for the board of Grossmann & Berger and GPP spokesperson from 2013 to 2015. “To that end, we intend to enter into cooperation arrangements with real estate brokers and property consultants in other European countries too,” says Nabben, summarizing plans.

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