Auto Wichert purchases industrial hall in Bahrenfeld

and expands its site at Bornkampsweg

Deal | Hamburg-Bahrenfeld

Auto Wichert, a Hamburg vehicle dealer, is the new owner of the industrial hall at Beerenweg 3 in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld. The firm bought the hall, a listed building with a floor area of around 7,680 m², and some 2,050 m² of office space, from an owner-occupier. It was agreed not to disclose the purchase price. Grossmann & Berger, a member of German Property Partners (GPP), actively assisted the sale.
Auto Wichert GmbH is Hamburg’s largest privately-owned Volkswagen dealer and already operates service departments and workshops for the repair and maintenance of VW cars and vans on neighbouring properties at Bornkampsweg 2, 4 and 56.
Following alterations that comply with the regulations on listed buildings, it is planned to create 60 workplaces in the former AEG industrial hall for the repair of vehicles that have been involved in accidents and for making superstructures for refrigerated and other similar commercial vehicles. The hall will, moreover, be used for the professional valeting of used cars and to supply original VW parts to independent repair shops.
The hall was built in 1920 for use as an iron foundry and an extension was added in 1974. The building is a typical example of Hamburg’s early 20th century factory architecture which favoured industrial halls with iron-framed windows and crossbars.
Auto Wichert GmbH was founded in 1953 as a car repair shop and, together with its subsidiary company Fahrzeugbau Wichert GmbH, has 16 works in Hamburg and Norderstedt employing a total of 1,050 people.
Permission is given to reproduce the picture attached (source: Grossmann & Berger).

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