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Vacancy rate of three per cent fuels competition

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The first half of 2019 has closed well, with office take-up in Hamburg some 60,000 m² higher than in the same period of the prior year. By the end of the half year a total of 310,000 m² had been reached. This translates into 24 % more office take-up than a year ago. Thanks to the construction start for the new OTTO headquarters, the share attributable to owner-occupiers rose to 18 %. Meanwhile, the amount of space standing empty continued to fall during the 2nd quarter. Partly due to a large proportion of pre-letting in recently completed office buildings, the vacancy rate fell to a new record low of 3.0 %. These figures are taken from a survey by Grossmann & Berger, a member of German Property Partners (GPP). “The considerable increase in take-up of space illustrates the dynamism of the current market. With a vacancy rate of only three per cent users are frequently competing for the same space, especially in central locations,” explains Andreas Rehberg, managing director of Grossmann & Berger.
Market details:
  • Apart from three agreements signed for more than 10,000 m² of office space, a prime contributor to the result was OTTO, which has started construction of its new 40,000 m² headquarters in Bramfeld.
  • Once again the average rent, weighted by area, rose. It has reached a new high of €17.10/m²/month. The premium rent remained unchanged against the prior quarter at € 28.00/m²/month.
  • Grossmann & Berger expects to see the year close with total take-up standing at 530,000 m² and thus above the ten-year average.

Office market | Hamburg | 1st and 2nd quarter 2019
Hamburg Office Market 2019/Q1-2
Space take-up [m²] 310,000
against prior yr [%] +24.0
Premium rent [€/m²/month net of services] 28.00
against prior yr [%] +7.7
Average rent [€/m²/month] 17.10
against prior yr [%] +8.9
Stock of office space [millions m²] 13.8
Vacant space [m²] 419,500
against prior yr [%] -21.8
Vacancy rate [%] 3.0
Completions 2019+2020 [m²] 275,000
Pre-let ratio [%] 72.0

Selected agreements | offices in Hamburg | 1st and 2nd quarters 2019
Street no.
Rental area
[ca. m²]
Otto Group “OTTO GOeast” Werner-Otto-Strasse 1-7 Hamburg East 40,000
Xing SE “Unilever-Haus” Strandkai 1 HafenCity 22,000
Vattenfall Europe “EDGE Elbside” Amerigo-Vespucci-Platz HafenCity 17,500
University of Hamburg Former telephone exchange /
Humanities Research Center
Schlüterstrasse 51-59 Alster West 15,000
German Institute of Global and Area Studies Former telephone exchange /
Humanities Research Center
Schlüterstrasse 51-59 Alster West 10,000

An expanded review of the office letting market in Hamburg will soon be available in the market survey and may be downloaded from our website.

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