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Not only do German Property Partners (GPP) members cooperate closely in the fields of office letting and investment, but also on the matter of industrial and logistics properties.
To make this more visible, the four partners who offer services in this sector, Grossmann & Berger, ANTEON Immobilien, GREIF & CONTZEN Immobilien and ELLWANGER & GEIGER Real Estate, hosted the first GPP industrial and logistics properties breakfast; it took place in Hamburg on 2nd March.
Restaurant Henriks, a stone’s throw from the Outer Alster Lake, was the distinguished venue chosen for the event.
Following welcoming words from the hosts Andreas Rehberg, spokesman for the board of Grossmann & Berger, and Felix Krumreich, property consultant for industrial, warehouse and logistics real estate, likewise from Grossmann & Berger, the floor was handed to Markus Knab, head of the industrial and logistics property business at ELLWANGER & GEIGER Real Estate, who gave the guests, most of them from North Germany, an insight into the industrial and logistics property market in the Stuttgart region.
“Whether we are looking at existing or at new-build industrial and logistics properties, the situation in the Stuttgart area is strained,” said Knab. He added that additional pressure was being especially felt in the logistics sector due to alterations and expansion at the Porsche, Daimler and Bosch works. Although these OEMs had already invested billions in upgrading and expanding their bases, the economy of the Stuttgart region faced enormous challenges. Knab remarked that the local councils were not expected to designate new parcels of land for development until 2020/2021. Almost all the new sites would be brownfield developments, greenfield projects would be an exception.

Knab also mentioned that projected new-build logistics facilities in the Stuttgart area were hampered by referendums, which could quickly spell the end of development plans. And since, even now, local councils often preferred to give development permission to industrial firms, he recommended that the logistics sector should invest far more in projecting a positive image. Knab concluded his keynote speech with the words, “I hope that the Stuttgart region will accept this challenge, so that it retains its standing as the major industrial region in Europe.”
After this talk guests and hosts turned their attention to the exclusive breakfast that afforded opportunities to discuss what they had just heard and make new contacts.
The organizers of the German Property Partners (GPP) breakfast agreed that it had been worthwhile to take a look further afield at the industrial and logistics property market in other regions. There are already tentative plans for the next event.

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