G&B Supports Team Hamburg for 2016 Olympics

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The World Cup is history, now come the Olympics. Brazil not only hosted this year’s highlight in the football calendar, but is also staging the next Olympic Summer Games. Athletes are already in training or are now starting to prepare for the event.

G&B Supports Team Hamburg for 2016 OlympicsG&B Supports Team Hamburg for 2016 Olympics
Grossmann & Berger takes a special interest in supporting Team Hamburg on the long road to Rio de Janeiro.

“This company has many dedicated sports enthusiasts and we are happy to be part of the initiative launched by the City of Hamburg, Hamburg Sports Federation, the Olympic support centre and the Chamber of Commerce. It is very important for athletes to be able to fully concentrate on their training programme ahead of a major competition,” says Andreas Rehberg, spokesman for the board, about what has motivated the company’s actions.

The aim of the initiative is to provide monthly support to as many of Hamburg’s athletes as possible.

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