G&B introduces digital property evaluation tool

Rapid, free evaluation of residential properties

Press release | Hamburg

Grossmann & Berger is making a new digital evaluation tool available to home-owners. At a time and place of their choosing, it gives property owners an initial indication of the value of their house or apartment. “The online value indicator is a complement to our usual services. Our main intention is that this tool should expand our online services to property owners,” says Andreas Gnielka, head of department, residential properties stock/letting and capital investment at Grossmann & Berger.

Email with review of market prices

Home-owners can enter a few data about their property into the Wertindikator/value indicator on Grossmann & Berger’s website for a quick, free market review and range of prices. The software processes the data provided by comparing them with a large number of existing values. The home-owner then receives an email with a PDF file containing the result of analysing the property information given. Afterwards, an employee at one of the Grossmann & Berger shops can conduct a thorough professional evaluation.

Grossmann & Berger has residential property shops in Hamburg, Ahrensburg, Lüneburg and on the Island of Sylt. In the spring of 2019 the company is opening a new shop offering property services in Norderstedt.

Source: Grossmann & Berger GmbH

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