Grossmann & Berger reorganizes the premium sector

Malalai Eggert-Wadan new broker for premium properties

Press release | Hamburg

Malalai Eggert-Wadan (45) joined the premium sector of Grossmann & Berger at the start of 2019. This experienced broker is to create a marketing concept specifically tailored to premium properties, catering to the needs of clients seeking such real estate and the acquisition of properties for the market. Medium term plans are to build a team dedicated to premium properties.
Many years’ expertise in marketing premium properties
Malalai Eggert-Wadan formerly worked as a broker for Dahler & Company; she has many years of experience, both in property development projects and in the off plan selling of premium real estate. For example, for three years she oversaw the selling of apartments in the “Sophienterrassen” in Hamburg’s premium Harvestehude district. Ms Eggert-Wadan, who has a law degree, was also involved in the “YOO by Philippe Starck” development in Munich.

Marketing premium properties in Hamburg and elsewhere
“By appointing Ms Eggert-Wadan we aim to make our premium segment more visible and further professionalize marketing activities,” says Andreas Gnielka, head of department, residential properties stock/letting and capital investment at Grossmann & Berger. Ms Eggert Wadan will be working closely with Grossmann & Berger’s shops when marketing premium properties. In addition, she will expand her specific client base and build a network of business partners. “We aim to be a pan-regional player in the premium segment. In order to serve our customers in the best way, we plan to cooperate with local partners,” says Malalai Eggert-Wadan. Grossmann & Berger is looking beyond Hamburg and Sylt Island to sell real estate in other premium locations too. The portfolio will therefore also extend to properties located in prime areas outside Germany.

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