Property developers in Hamburg meet to talk about business

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Many people are keen to attend Grossmann & Berger’s annual property developer breakfast - and every year there is greater interest in the event. There are probably two reasons for this.

Property developers in Hamburg meet to talk about businessProperty developers in Hamburg meet to talk about business
One is that guests gain a deep insight into what is currently happening on Hamburg’s market for new-build properties. Garlef Kaché and Frank Stolz, responsible for new-build business, had brought the brand-new market survey for property developers and also had good news to report. “Statistically speaking, average prices fell slightly in 2015, but in actual fact there was no drop,” said Frank Stolz. “In view of great demand and rock-bottom interest rates, no fall in prices is to be expected this year either.” For the first time the new market survey includes “Hidden Stars” - less central districts of the city with an appreciable volume of new-build activity.

Another reason is that rather special locations are always chosen for the event. The twelfth such meeting was held at Lutter & Wegener; this restaurant in Grosse Elbstrasse offered the 180 guests an unrivalled view across the Elbe to the docks on the opposite side.

The new property developer market survey is now available to download from the Grossmann & Berger website (in German only).

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