Top spot in the Hamburg section of the “Capital” table of best estate agents

Ranked in the top 110 of residential property brokers in Germany

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We looked forward with great interest to the results of the second “Capital” table of top estate agents.
Grossmann & Berger once again earned top marks in all test categories - the only broker of residential properties in Hamburg to do so - and is thus one of Germany’s best 110 estate agents in this sector.
“We are delighted that our professional approach has been honoured,” says Lars Seidel, managing director at the head of our excellent department for residential real estate.
“This was not a foregone conclusion. The new test categories relating to service and quality management show that “Capital”, like us, has reacted to changing conditions on the market.”
“Capital” commissioned Feri Eurorating Services and the IIB Dr. Hettenbach Institute with a two-part survey to rate the quality of services in connection with buying or selling residential properties.
In the first part of the survey they looked at the postings of over 7,800 estate agents on the major real estate portals over the past twelve months and then selected the 1,041 firms offering the largest numbers of properties.
In the second part Feri examined market positioning, the qualifications of the real estate consultants, the buying and selling procedures and the quality of the property profiles and contracts. Newly added criteria addressed customer service and quality management.

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