meravis buys site with planning permission for “UPTOWN LIVING” in Ahrensburg

Ahrensburg: Building land sold

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meravis Immobiliengruppe, a house-building group, has purchased a site at Hamburger Strasse 40 in Ahrensburg measuring some 6,000 m². The development projected for the site, sold by MAGNA Real Estate, a developer, is called “UPTOWN LIVING”; property services provider Grossmann & Berger, a member of German Property Partners (GPP), was appointed by MAGNA as their exclusive broker for the structured, multi-stage sales process.
A mix of government-subsidized and privately funded apartments
The site has been completely cleared and a public-private contract for development has been signed in conjunction with the specific land-use plan. The projected residential building is to offer a gross floor area of some 8,960 m², with 106 apartments and 84 car-parking spaces. 70 % of the one to four-room apartments will be privately funded and 30 % are to be built in line with regulations for government-subsidized housing. The architects Schenk+Waiblinger have drafted the plans for the homes. Construction work is expected to commence in 2020. The seller took legal counsel from law firm and tax consultancy partnership WALCH RITTBERG NAGEL; the buyer consulted ZENK law firm for legal advice.

Central city location in a district that has developed organically

The site is in the city centre of Ahrensburg. Town hall, station and the main shopping street are all within walking distance. On its south and west side the property is embedded in a district that has grown over the course of several decades consisting of single family homes and small villas. The site’s last occupant was a car dealership. MAGNA Real Estate developed the land so that it was granted building permission for a residential development. Three other new build projects on Hamburger Strasse – “Leveland”, which is being marketed by Grossmann & Berger, “hygge+” and a development named “ahrensburg median 331“ – are sustainably enhancing the quality of the neighbourhood.

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