Lüneburg Shop sponsors SVGL ladies’ volleyball team

The ladies in the 1. team are delighted with the new jerseys

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In and around Lüneburg most people have heard of the Gellersen Lüneburg Volleyball Club or SVGL. Especially since the men’s 1st team was promoted to the national league.

Lüneburg Shop sponsors SVGL ladies’ volleyball teamLüneburg Shop sponsors SVGL ladies’ volleyball team
But the club has plenty else to offer as the base for numerous hobby and mixed teams, ladies’, men’s and junior teams; these play in leagues ranging from the lowest up to the fourth.

The SVGL and the ladies’ 1st team were delighted to hear that Grossmann & Berger had announced its desire to support and sponsor the club. Our Lüneburg Shop funded the purchase of two sets of jerseys for the ladies’ 1st team. From now on they will be wearing their new jerseys for every game.

“Here in the Lüneburg Shop we have an all-female staff, and team spirit takes top priority for us too,” says sales manager Regina Trope. “Therefore sponsoring the SVGL ladies’ team is an excellent match that tallies well with our outlook on life. We wish the 1st ladies’ team every success.”

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