Selling process starts for “FREIRAUM Berlin”

60 new apartments turn-key ready at the end of 2018

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In recent years the Gründerviertel, Komponistenviertel, Holländisches Viertel and Munizipalviertel have emerged as popular residential neighbourhoods in Berlin’s Weissensee district. Bordering Prenzlauer Berg and Pankow districts, street markets and shops selling organic and hand-crafted products have become established here too. In the Gründerviertel neighbourhood a new housing development named “FREIRAUM Berlin” is under construction. A strip of derelict land between Prenzlauer Promendae, Langhansstrasse and Heinersdorfer Strasse is being redeveloped. The ensemble at Langhansstrasse 78-80 consists of three buildings with 60 apartments which are now on sale through Grossmann & Berger.
Three separate buildings
“60 apartments sound like a lot. But they are spread over three separate buildings. Modern sound insulation and outdoor areas that are almost entirely on the interior courtyard side ensure that residents have enough secluded space,” explains Hendrik Treff, head of the new build sector at Grossmann & Berger. “Moreover, there are 44 apartments in the building overlooking Langhansstrasse, a purely residential street, and four in the interior courtyard.”
Six stories or two
Two six-storey buildings fill two empty spaces on Prenzlauer Promenade and Langhansstrasse, the third building is a two-storey new build in the interior courtyard. The complex has been designed by the architects’ firm Bräunlin + Kolb; the style reflects historic design elements in the neighbourhood, with a mix of materials appearing in the elevated basement and ground floor walls, and featuring bay windows and Berlin’s traditional red roof tiles. The interior courtyard will be laid out with green spaces, seating and a playground. The underground garage offers space for cars and cycles.
Outdoor space overlooks the interior courtyard
All the apartments are fitted with balconies, loggias or patios and, apart from the top-floor flats, with floor to ceiling windows. The apartments range in size from a 47 m² studio to apartments offering 145 m² and up to five rooms. “Most of the apartments have two, three or four rooms”, says Treff. Purchase prices range between €165,000 and €650,000. Each of the 26 car-parking spaces costs an additional €25,000. “We expect the buyers to be able to move in at the end of 2018”, Treff adds. No building stands on the land at the moment.

Source of all visualizations: EVE Images

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