Re-opening and Fifth Anniversary

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“We Feel at Home With Properties in the East of Hamburg”
The team in Bergedorf at Grossmann & Berger’s shop for residential properties have reason to celebrate. Following alterations to let the layout of the shop reflect the new concept, the office at Sachsentor 49 looks bright and inviting. This makeover coincides with the shop’s fifth anniversary. “We first opened here in 2007, but until 2009 we occupied space in the Haspa bank premises,” says sales manager Pamela Kruse looking back.

Re-opening and Fifth Anniversary Re-opening and Fifth Anniversary
Best Possible Presentation of the Range
Over a cup of coffee the real estate consultants meet potential buyers to tell them about properties available and talk about locations and individual districts in the city. “We focus on getting to know the customer during our consultations. Therefore we have altered the offices so as to provide more space for talking with the customer and created an attractive, contemporary ambience,” says Pamela Kruse, explaining the most important aspect of the new concept. “At the same time, the new design allows us to present our range even better,” Ms Kruse continues. This includes apartments for sale in Bergedorf and Lohbrügge, houses and villas in the exclusive parts of Bergedorf, Reinbek and Wentorf, Art Nouveau villas in Rahlstedt or half-timbered properties in rural Vierlanden. Four real estate consultants serve the interests of property owners and potential buyers or tenants in the east of Hamburg and the Sachsenwald forest area. The fourth member joined the team last year, having successfully completed her training with Grossmann & Berger and graduating as a Real Estate Clerk.

Consultation, Magazine, and Residential Market Surveys
Even without any specific reason, people who take an interest in real estate will find a visit to the shop in Bergedorf worthwhile. They can pick up the Grossmann & Berger real estate magazine and the company’s surveys of the housing market. The consultants’ “Survey of Residential Properties in Hamburg” contains details about the range of property prices for the types of houses typically available in each neighbourhood in the east of Hamburg plus Escheburg, Glinde, Reinbek/Wentorf and Wohldorf/Aumühle. “This gives potential buyers a first impression of the various locations and the prices most usually paid for real estate,” says Pamela Kruse. “Because every property and micro-location is unique, we advise potential buyers and sellers to come and talk to our experts as well.”

New Building in the East
The “Property Developers Market” and “Apartment House Market” surveys also offer a range of useful facts and figures for people looking to buy or sell in the eastern part of Hamburg. For example, figures in the Property Developers survey show that the average price per square metre for new build apartments in Bergedorf and Lohbrügge is now 3,150 €/m of living space. “At the moment there is extensive new building activity in Bergedorf itself as well as in Jenfeld and Billstedt, offering buyers a choice of apartments or row and semi-detached houses,” says Ms Kruse. Young couples and families are especially attracted to the east of Hamburg. They appreciate the green environment and, at the same time, the good local transport links and infrastructure.

The shop opens on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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