Real estate in Berlin


In the heart of the capital since 2012

Germany’s capital continues to boom. Berlin attracts millions of tourists every year, and people from all over Europe wish to live in this vibrant metropolis. It seems like the eyes of the world are on Berlin, and so many businesses, too, are keen to have a representative location in the city. The property market is brimming with possibilities.

In 2012, Grossmann & Berger, founded more than 85 years ago in Hamburg, expanded its business to Berlin through the acquisition of Johs. Reese Immobilien Consulting GmbH. Furthermore, our focus is on the marketing and sale of newly constructed condominiums, both as packages or on an individual basis.

The research team of Grossmann & Berger provides clients with transparent information for transactions concerning commercial and residential properties.

In cooperation with our parent company Hamburger Sparkasse (Haspa), we offer clients in both Berlin and Hamburg a comprehensive range of services—in the local market and as equal partners.

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