Estate Agent trainee profile

Estate Agent trainee profile

If you wish to begin a traineeship as an Estate Agent at Grossmann & Berger and learn about this profession from scratch, you should already have a range of abilities and knowledge. You must have achieved good or very good grades in your school leaving certificate, have a well-rounded education and demonstrate good German spelling and grammar.

As a trainee Estate Agent, you will encounter many different people and later independently acquire properties. Therefore you must be communicative, open, self-confident and courteous when dealing with colleagues and business partners. In addition, you integrate well into existing structures. As well as demonstrating a sales-driven approach, you must be a team player, because teamwork enables our employees to find the optimal solution for our clients’ property assignments. At the same time however, you are able to work independently and approach your responsibilities with commitment.

A completed internship or other experience in the property business are desirable but not essential for beginning your career as an Estate Agent with us.

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