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Here, you will find information on the residential and commercial property markets Hamburg, Berlin, Luneburg and Sylt and on Grossmann & Berger. For experts for interviews or soundbites, our Press Department will be happy to help you with.
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Office Hamburg 3Q2017
Press release
Hamburg | 04.10.2017
Figures from Grossmann & Berger show that take-up of office space in the first three quarters was some 465,000 m² and thus 12% higher than in the same period a year before. The 3rd quarter, posting some 165,000 m² of office space, was the best quarterly result thus far.
Invest Hamburg 3Q2017
Press release
Hamburg | 04.10.2017
The very high transaction volume seen in the prior year had not been equalled by the end of the 3rd quarter of 2017. Figures from Grossmann & Berger showed that 80 commercial properties valued at a total of €2.30bn were traded.
Invest Berlin 3Q2017
Press release
Berlin | 04.10.2017
At the end of the 3rd quarter the sale of the “Sony Center” was announced shortly before the start of the Expo Real; it lifted the total of investments in commercial properties in Berlin to its best result since Grossmann & Berger started keeping a record. The total was €6bn.
Investment market top-7 3Q2017
Press release
Hamburg | 04.10.2017
German Property Partners (GPP) has calculated a transaction volume of €20.5bn for the first three quarters of the current year. Compared with the €16.7bn noted for the same period of 2016, this translates into growth of 23%.
Office market top-7 3Q2017
Press release
Hamburg | 01.10.2017
The experts from GPP expect the total volume of lettings to reach 3.8m m² by the end of 2017. Take-up of office space in the first three quarters - totalling 2.9m m² - was already 9% higher than 2016.
New Market Survey Rental Apartment Houses
Press release
Hamburg | 06.09.2017
The price to earnings multiple rose to 34 in 2017; 2018, a new record of 36 will probably be reached.
Industrial Hamburg 2Q2017
Press release
Hamburg | 27.07.2017
In the 1st half year a total volume of 220,000 m² were let according to figures researched by Grossmann & Berger.
Invest Berlin 2Q2017
Press release
Berlin | 19.07.2017
The volume of investment transactions in the German capital had reached some €2.6bn by the end of the 1st half year. Year on year this translated into a 34% increase. It was essentially due to seven sales for over €100m each and six trades for properties costing more than €50m.
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