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Apartments at "Dianaweg 1" for acquisition

Hamburg-Lokstedt | 16.09.2015
A total of 17 apartments for private ownership are planned at Dianaweg 1 in the Lokstedt district of Hamburg. Grossmann & Berger is now handling the sale of the remaining 13 available new-build apartments.

Apartments at "Dianaweg 1" for acquisitionApartments at "Dianaweg 1" for acquisition
The “Dianaweg 1” project is in a side street near to the Ottersbek stream and Eimsbüttel Park.

The planned building is three stories high and surrounds a garden courtyard with a children’s playground. The third floor penthouse is set back towards the inner courtyard. The rendering on the façade is to be light in colour.

The available new-build units range in size from around 35 to 91 m² of living space.

Prices start at €158,000 for the smallest and go as high as €418,000 for the largest apartment still available.

A space in the underground car park costs an additional €24,500. Nine of the 13 spaces are still available.

The scheduled completion date is the summer of 2017. Please consult the G&B-website or the project website for further details.

Permission is given to reproduce the attached pictures (source: Grossmann & Berger).
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