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Project Start “Berner Strasse 24”

New build homes in quiet street, yet close to services

Hamburg-Rahlstedt | 17.11.2015
Grossmann & Berger has now started the process of finding buyers for eleven new-build apartments in Berner Strasse 24 in Hamburg-Rahlstedt. The new apartment block will contain a total of 17 dwellings.

Project Start “Berner Strasse 24”Project Start “Berner Strasse 24”
Berner Strasse is one of the central roads in Rahlstedt district and is dominated by detached houses and gardens.

The two-storey newbuild is set back a short distance from the road; it has a third, recessed penthouse storey and two apartments with basement space. The façade features floor to ceiling windows and light-coloured render, the design is clean-lined and cubist. The new building is being constructed to meet KfW-70 energy efficiency standards. Carports will be placed at the edge of the site behind the building and garden.

The new-build apartments have living and usable floor space ranging between 56 and 141 m² and offer between two and four rooms* plus balconies, loggias and (roof) terraces.

The apartments are on sale for prices ranging from 199,000 to 388,000 €, carports cost 12,000 €. The new owners should be able to move in by summer 2016. For details see the G&B-website or the project-website.

* The basement areas of two units are stated as separate usable spaces and added to the relevant living space.

Permission is given to reproduce the rendering attached (source: Grossmann & Berger).
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