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In association with the Haspa Group we have one of the most powerful financial partners at our side: Hamburger Sparkasse AG, Germany’s biggest savings bank with over 180 years of competence and experience in the Hanseatic banking business. So that we can offer you every service from a single source.

Grossmann & Berger is a member of the Haspa Group, which is controlled by Haspa Finanzholding. Haspa Finanzholding is the sole shareholder of Hamburger Sparkasse AG, the leading bank for small and medium-sized businesses and the biggest real-estate financier in the metropolitan region of Hamburg. Some two thirds of its consumer credits are given for the financing of private and commercial construction.

At the same time the Haspa Finanzholding is the parent company of many other subsidiaries and holdings. These include LBS Bausparkasse Schleswig-Holstein-Hamburg AG, neue leben Holding AG, Haspa Hansegrund GmbH, NM Nord-IMMO Management GmbH & Co. KG and Wohnungsunternehmen Fiefstücken GmbH, which round off the widespread real-estate competence of the Haspa Group.

Further information on Haspa Finanzholding and its subsidiaries is available here: