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Facts and Figures Summarize One's Success

A company's facts and figures can be a summary of its success, but they do not transmit a feeling for the enthusiasm for real estate that stands behind them. Nevertheless we do not want to withhold certain figures from you.

Every Business Transaction Produces Figures, But Behind These Figures there's Also a Lot of Personal Commitment.

In the residential segment of existing properties Grossmann & Berger mediates, with its team, more than 1,000 properties a year. Since 2007 this has meant over 7,600 properties with a transaction volume of more than 2.6 billion euros.

The Hamburg residential leasing team brokered more than 1,800 apartments since 2007. The accommodation units mediated in the German capital sum up to over 700 after the foundation of the Berlin subsidiary in 2012.

The employees in our residential new build team Hamburg have realized more than 160 projects and have sold over 3,500 apartments since 1999. In Berlin they sold over 870 apartments in 17 projects since 2012.

The team for commercial lease at Grossmann & Berger has already mediated more than 3.7 million square metres of office, retail and industrial space since 1999.

In the commercial investment sector our consultants in Hamburg have recorded a total transaction volume with a value of more than 9,6 billion euros since 1999. In Berlin the total transaction volume is more than 2.4 billion euros.

All in all, these facts and figures should give you an impression of our commitment to the Metropolitan area of Hamburg, Sylt, Berlin and our clients. 

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