The landlord representation services

in Berlin

Our lettings coordination and landlord representation services in Berlin help property owners achieve optimum success in letting their properties.
When it comes to new developments or modernisation measures, investors do not always have the local marketing capabilities necessary to guarantee the profitability of a property in a particular location.

Johs. Reese Immobilien Consulting works with letting agents in Berlin to offer landlords independent advice on lettings. In order to ensure that projects reach their targets and reduce our clients' administrative burden, we offer comprehensive project monitoring services, with a special focus on commercial considerations and lettings. We help our clients to reach the right strategic decisions for their project with regard to property, e.g. by offering recommendations on optimising space and usage.

We work with the letting agents to help investors prepare their properties for letting and advise them during preparatory discussions. We help our clients and their tenants implement tenant-specific designs regarding space and fittings right up until the lease has been signed.

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