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Press release | Hamburg

Significant rises in 2020 as prices in less expensive districts close gap
Prices for houses and apartments already built in Hamburg and the environs will continue to spiral upwards in 2020. Prices for standard condominiums/apartments within city limits will increase by 7.0 % against 2019, for standard single-family homes by only 2.1 %.
11.12.2019 right-arrowread more

News | Lüneburg

Im Fokus: Wohnimmobilienmarkt Lüneburg
Unsere Kolleginnen vom Immobilienshop Lüneburg luden zum alljährlichen Marktfrühstück in die Eventetage des Roy Robson Haus am Lüneburger Marktplatz ein.
20.11.2019 right-arrowread more

Deal | HH-Eppendorf

Ceramics brand Motel a Miio opens its second store in Hamburg
On November 23, 2019, founders Anna von Hellberg und Laura Castien open the doors to their new store. On some 97 m² of retail space at Eppendorfer Baum 14 they will display their ceramic wares, which are produced in fair, environment-friendly manner in Portugal. Grossmann & Berger brokered the deal.
21.11.2019 right-arrowread more
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