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With a history stretching back more than 1,050 years, Lüneburg – a Hanseatic town also known as the “Salt Town” – is one of northern Germany’s most fascinating towns. Located to the north of the Lüneburg Heath – one of Germany’s major natural regions – Lüneburg’s historical redbrick Gothic architecture forms an appealing contrast to the town’s young and lively atmosphere. The Hanseatic town’s medieval charm casts a spell on countless visitors every year.

Narrow, winding cobblestone streets, numerous churches and beautiful gables help turn a stroll through Lüneburg into an unforgettable experience. With its redbrick Gothic façades and the stunning backdrop provided by the old port, the town's incomparable ambience is irresistible to both Lüneburg residents and tourists. The great number of museums and events ensures that the Hanseatic town offers plentiful cultural opportunities.

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