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Germany’s best-loved island enchants all who visit with its diverse cultural and natural landscapes. Mudflats, moorlands, salt marshes, cliffs and dunes contribute to Sylt’s unique natural environment. The chic shopping streets of Kampen, the idyllic mudflat locations of Keitum, Braderup and Morsum, the busy pedestrianised zones of Westerland, vibrant Wenningstedt and the promenade in List all offer a wide variety of shopping and gastronomic experiences. Picturesque villages like Kampen, Keiten, Archsum and Rantum offer thatched houses, lush flower gardens and Frisian stone walls. The island’s enduring popularity means that a residential property here is suitable for investors as well as those in search of a home or second home.

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We have been helping you find the perfect property in Sylt since 2008, sharing our expert local and market knowledge as well as our contacts. Our wealth of experience in selling properties and conducting detailed property analyses in Sylt together with our connections across the entire island enable us to give fair market valuations and market your property in a discreet manner.
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